The Leader in Craft Winemaking

The Leader in Craft Winemaking

Your Local Wine Expert

Owner/Operator Eric Charlton offers clients the experience of fermenting their own wine on-premises using quality juices and wine kits from Winexpert. Winexpert is a leader in craft winemaking – with over 100 varieties to choose from. Reds, whites, rosés, and fruit coolers are all available. Once you’ve chosen your wine, the initial process takes roughly 15 minutes. From there, Eric and his team at Chartelli’s Fine Wines & Juices will look after your batch for the next four to eight weeks (depending on the kit selected). Once it’s ready, come on in and bottle!

Wine Made Your Way

From a full-bodied Shiraz to a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, there are kits for every taste and occasion.

Winexpert offers juices from grape growing regions all over the world.

Once it’s ready, you can enjoy a wine made with fewer preservatives than commercial wines.

Over 100 varieties of wine to choose from

Everyone has their own unique tastes. That’s why we carry over 100 different wines for you to choose from. We can recommend a great style based on what you already like to drink, or what you like to pair your wine with. We offer both dry and off-dry wines. You have many options to choose a wine that’s as dry or as sweet as you like. We also carry all levels of alcohol content, from as low as 6% to as high as 14.5%, and also our specialty dessert wines as high as 17%. Come try a new wine today!

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