Meet the Vintner

Owner/Operator Eric Charlton

Meet the Vintner

Owner/Operator Eric Charlton

The Early Years

Eric got into winemaking around 20 years ago when he married into a Swiss-Italian family. With a passion for wine, his father-in-law taught him how to make wine from juice, encouraging him to try different juices and kits to experiment with different flavours.

He started a small store in Brampton, which eventually grew and relocated to the present location in Guelph.

Let's Get Started

Once you’ve selected your wine it’s time to get your batch started, which takes around 15 minutes. Eric and his team will make sure it’s properly filtered and processed. They also look after your wine during the four to eight-week fermenting process. Once it is ready, you will be notified that it’s time to come in and bottle your wine. Depending on how personal you want your bottles to look, you can add labels and shrink seals in the colour of your choosing. The automated corking process takes around 20 minutes per batch.


Only the Best

Chartelli’s Fine Wines and Juices offers juices and kits exclusively from Winexpert – a premier provider of wine kits. There are over 100 varieties of wine, including: Reds Whites Rosés Fruit Wines


Why Make Your Own?

Affordability! – Make quality wines at a fraction of the price of commercial wines, with fewer preservatives. Make a wine that’s just right for you!